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Why join our talent bank?

  • You're on the highway to find a job that makes your heart beat faster.

  • We will keep you in mind in cases where a company is looking for someone with your experience.

  • You are among the first to receive new career opportunities.

  • We will help you with any questions related to your job search.

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Who can join the talent bank?

Although we mainly recruit managers and specialists, you can join our talent bank regardless of your field or experience

We've recruited for roles in a variety of sectors - including IT, marketing, customer service, sales, construction, HR and finance. We find talent for private, public, and third-sector organisations.

Who are we?

SMARTFUL Growth is a talent and recruitment agency that contributes to developing companies and their employees. Companies of all sizes, industries, and locations trust us.

We are passionate about our work and sincerely believe that people are the greatest asset of a company. We value each candidate's time and give the most personalised feedback possible to find the best challenge for you.

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Helen Pärli, founder of SMARTFUL Growth